Sustainable cooling solutions - EFFICOLD

At BrauBeviale 2023, EFFICOLD will be presenting sustainable cooling solutions in which it has specialized for 30 years with its 500 employees. It aims to make its products even more environmentally friendly through efficiency.

ai refrigerator with card payment
Nicolas Rodriguez Innovation Project Engineering efficold

Vending machine with new technologies that use AI

This is how the refrigerated vending machine on display at the trade fair, which is stocked with various sandwiches, snacks and drinks, works with its glass front for product visibility and its elegant black housing with new technologies that use AI. The display on the vending machine is switched on by the start button, the customer scans their credit card for payment and selects their desired product on a selection panel attached to the top of the refrigeration unit. The door opens, the user removes the selected item and then closes the door manually. The system automatically recognizes when the process is complete.

glass door refrigerator with payment system for self removal efficold
refrigerator with credit card function efficold

This sales cabinet is considered innovative due to the use of AI. The application developed in-house allows the user to take out the desired product themselves. Payment is only made after the door is closed. This means that no money is lost without receiving the goods.

self service refrigerator unlocking function efficold
refrigerated rack with payment function environmentally friendly solution BrauBeviale 2023