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From the coastal region of Slovenia, the company Sraml in Podnanos has been selling its wide range of machines for beverage technology worldwide for over 30 years. This includes machines for wine and juice production through to bottling plants.

bottling line complete solution for beverage technology
Denis Kebler beverage filling line Sraml

How a labeling machine for bottles and cans works

On site at BrauBeviale 2023, Mr. Denis C. Kebler will be demonstrating how a labeling machine works. Using a gripper system, several bottles can be picked up and lifted out of a pallet and then placed on a conveyor belt for further transport. This works in the same way with cans, which are placed on a table and automatically fed into the labeling machine. The heart of the system is where cans and bottles are first positioned and cleaned before they are moved on for filling.

Denis Kebler filling bottles Sraml
bottle charging filling machine for wine beer

Quick change from can to bottle possible

Switching from one system to the other is quick and easy, with a changeover from can to bottle taking around 13 minutes. Filling is done with counter-pressure so that carbonated drinks can also be filled. They are then sealed. The capping mechanism can be rotated 180 degrees, with the device for can closures on one side and for cork closures on the other.

Denis Kebler Marketing Sraml
filling line for filling labeling sealing packaging Sraml

When the bottles or cans come out of the system, they are weighed. If they weigh too little, they are automatically sorted out. In the final step, the filled beverage containers are cleaned, dried and sorted into the waiting packaging.

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filling machine for cans and bottles BrauBeviale 2023
counterpressure filler for carbonated beverages with capper
packaging line for cans bottles BrauBeviale 2023