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Leader for vertical conveyor technology in transport technology

AmbaFlex will be presenting itself at BrauBeviale 2023 as a global leader for vertical conveyor technology in transport technology. As Mr. Markus Hunneck explains at the trade fair stand, AmbaFlex's core competence lies in spiral conveyor technology. The company, which has been on the market since 1996, also offers buffer systems. 4 plants around the world supply the beverage industry. With its roots in logistics, AmbaFlex supplies the portning and canning sector with transportation technology. Be it beer crates, bottles or cans - everything is brought up or down, heights of up to 30 meters are no obstacle.

Markus Hunneck Business Development Manager Packaging AmbaFlex
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AmbaFlex core competence is spiral conveyor technology

Trade fair visitors stand in awe in front of an impressive system that spirals upwards. It is secured at the edges of the spiral with a 300 mm belt so that packaged products can be transported safely upwards, downwards or sideways to the desired destination. Different versions of the machine have been designed for the respective place of use, e.g. containers, mass flow and others.

300mm conveyor with stable slats transport system
beverage transport spiral conveyor AmbaFlex

High-quality construction of the "single-mold machines"

Even if the clear concept of the system looks simple, there is a lot of technology behind it. Inclines and some complicated angles have to be taken into account. As a trained brewer, Mr. Hunneck sees the difference between these single-cast machines and their competitors in their high-quality construction; they are welded in every detail and are easy to clean. The stainless steel side guide is endless without slots, and the technology installed can deflect at a very narrow angle. In addition, the products being conveyed are supported by the fact that the slats do not move on the belt. Taken together, these advantages provide the best solution.

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Markus Hunneck machine beverage conveying from one mold
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