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Invention of the plastic bottle crate

Schoeller Allibert will be presenting its reusable plastic packaging at BrauBeviale 2023. With the invention of the plastic bottle crate by Mr. Schoeller, it has been active on the market since the end of the 1950s. Mr. Martin Fetzer from Schoeller Allibert International GmbH names Germany as one of the core markets for beverage crates.

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MesseTV Interview Martin Fetzer Schoeller Allibert Brau Beviale 2023

Wide range of bottle crates

The range of bottle crates is extensive: breweries, manufacturers of sweet drinks and others. Mr. Fetzer points out the company's commitment to sustainability in front of a tower of bottle crates for the Corona Extra beer brand. Recycled materials were used on a large scale for this product for the first time. These are fishing nets and ropes - ultimately maritime waste - which are upgraded in reusable packaging and thus fed back into the cycle in the recycling process. The service life of a product manufactured in this way can reach up to 60 years through repeated recycling processes. For better demonstration and as an eye-catcher, the nets and ropes used are draped decoratively over the box tower.

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Manufacture plastic products from up to 99% recycled material

Mr. Fetzer explains the processing below. The material is fed in as nets, ropes and fiber material, shredded and then processed into granulate in a complex process, which can be used in the manufacturing process. Schoeller Allibert can manufacture up to 99% of its plastic products from recycled material. The proportion varies somewhat, as it depends on the source material. Theoretically, 100% recycled material would be feasible for box material, but for color or UV protection, other additives must be added for stabilization.

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