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PROMINENT's core markets are breweries and the bottled industry. The company has been on the market for 60 years and is deeply involved in sustainability management and the associated challenges facing the industry.

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Dr Horst Born industry development manager food and beverage ProMinent disinfection water treatment

Groundwater: more and more drug residues, contrast agents and hormones

Unfortunately, the winters of the last five years have not been sufficient to regenerate the groundwater levels. The lowering of groundwater levels, which has been observed in various areas of Germany, has had the following effect: If the groundwater pressure used to be sufficient to feed rivers and streams, the situation is now reversed - as a result of the lowering, the water seeps into rivers and streams and comes into contact with the groundwater. This is fatal, as the waters not only carry rainwater and meltwater, but also wastewater from sewage treatment plants. As a result, drug residues, contrast agents, hormones, artificial sugar and more are increasingly being found in groundwater. The company PROMINENT is tackling this problem and wants to help the industry to remove these substances.

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DULCODES LP F B UV system drinking water application for the beverage industry

The DNA of various bacteria is destroyed with UV light

PROMINENT will be showcasing solutions for this at BrauBeviale 2023. The water is oxidized with an ozone system to remove the organic matter, the water is stripped, i.e. subjected to a physical separation process, and can be reused for secondary areas such as process water cleaning applications or cooling tower water. This is achieved with a micrologically operating system presented at the PROMINENT stand, with which the bacterial count in the water can be controlled. UV light is used to destroy the DNA of all possible bacteria. This typical drinking water application can also be used for waste water to reduce bacteria to an absolute minimum. The system on display at BrauBeviale 2023 can treat up to 500 cubic meters of water per hour. For the food industry, it is important that the components have hygienic connections such as aseptic connections or a milk pipe thread. It goes without saying that PROMINENT's systems are DIN-certified; the flow rates on the trade fair model are DIN-DVGN 19294-certified.