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Filling machine for aluminum cans

CASK Canning is a Canadian company based in Calgary. Mr. Michael Schallinger from CASK Global Canning Solutions will describe the company's history at BrauBeviale 2023. It began in the 1980s with the production of small brewing systems. At the turn of the millennium, it tackled can filling, as the market had previously ignored small breweries in this sector.

can filler nano for small breweries
Michael Schallinger Market Account Manager Cask

Can filler for small breweries

A Nano HCS can filler will be on display at the trade fair stand. Ideal for small breweries that produce craft beers or other beverages, for example, and are venturing into can filling. Breweries are the core market for CASK. The line has a rotary rinser, into which the cans are first loaded and cleaned at the rear end before being filled and sealed. This is often followed by a labeling machine that applies the brewery or beverage label.

filling system for aluminium cans
can filler Cask BrauBeviale

Aluminum cans can be recycled millions of times

In North America, the trend towards canning has already been established for several years. Europe is increasingly following suit. The reasons for this are the higher energy costs for glass. In addition, an aluminum can can be recycled millions of times over. It can be melted down very easily and is very light in weight compared to glass, which is not insignificant for transportation. Small breweries that are new to the business appreciate the lower acquisition costs compared to bottling, as reusable bottling inevitably requires a rather expensive bottle washer. Disposable bottles would not be a real alternative either, partly for cost reasons and partly for environmental reasons. Many microbreweries therefore see canning as the better option.

Abfuellanlage fuer Aluminiumdosen
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Nano ACS Cask canning