Personalized glass bottles - FLASCHENFREUNDE

Flaschenfreunde is still a young company. The company offers personalized glass bottles that are produced very sustainably within a radius of 20 kilometers.

glass bottles Flaschenfreunde
bottles made of glass BrauBeviale 2023

Glass bottles with wooden lids

Personalized glass bottles are the profession of the still young company Flaschenfreunde. Ms. Kerstin Seitz from Flaschenfreunde tells us about the company's development at the stand at BrauBeviale 2023: The idea was born 3 years ago at a promotional products fair in Düsseldorf. Customers were asking for printed glass bottles, and the company was exhibiting with printed porcelain. With a partner company from the neighboring town, which prints on glass, the second pillar of the company was installed - the bottle friends were born. The wooden lids are also produced by a wood manufacturer in the vicinity. The maximum radius of all suppliers involved in the finishing of the glass bottles is 20 km. Production could hardly be more sustainable.

borosilicate drinking bottle swing top bottle for hot beverages Flaschenfreunde
lightweight head borosilicate lightweight bottle

Bottles made of lightweight borosilicate

From the portfolio, Ms. Seitz shows a bottle made of lightweight borosilicate with a lightweight knob specially developed for the customer fill-me from Switzerland. Flaschenfreunde is authorized to sell this development online in Germany. This special extremely lightweight glass bottle with a swing top is also suitable for hot drinks. The company's aim is to impress the market with its sustainability and environmental friendliness and to expand in a positive way.

glass bottle with wooden lid
customized printed glass bottle
glass bottle with filter strainer Braubeviale