Dispensing technology and accessories - MISA

The Upper Bavarian company MISA from Anzing near Munich is now in its 2nd generation of producing beautifully designed articles for dispensing technology and accessories. The main design focus is on dispensing columns and tap handles. Mr. Michael Mayer will be presenting the family-run company at BrauBeviale 2023.

glass dispensing column bar items MISA
Michael Mayer CEO CBO MISA

The highlight of the trade fair will be a Taptube stand, produced by one of the best glass masters in Austria. Together with him, MISA further developed the dispensing column, which impresses with its absolute transparency. Beer colors, whether light or dark, appear true to life. In the dispensing column on display, the two beers, light and dark, can be clearly distinguished visually in their respective spirals. The accompanying filling (water) flows completely into the column.

Michael Mayer water dispensing bar design
tap handle design dispensing technology individual

The particular challenge for a glass dispensing column is that it has to withstand the necessary pressure. For this reason, great care had to be taken during the joint development process, as glass cracks easily under the wrong pressure and also if used incorrectly. We have succeeded in achieving a stability for this dispensing column that can withstand an impact of 350 kg during testing. This is not insignificant if things get really tough in the pub. Theoretically, the dispensing arm can even be loaded with a weight of 120 kg.

dispensing pillar tapping system BrauBeviale

To ensure that the golden juice is shown to its best advantage, the column is supplied with natural light from below. In this way, the beer in the dispenser en nature glows auspiciously in its original color.