Dosing technology - PROMINENT

In addition to solutions for drinking water treatment, PROMINENT will be exhibiting dosing technology at BrauBeviale 2023. Technology for dosing is the brand core with which the company grew up.

DULCODOS dosing system BrauBeviale 2023
Dr Horst Born industry development manager food and beverage ProMinent

Chemicals are supplied via a dosing pump

Using the example of a complete unit for the food and beverage industry, the company shows how chemicals, acids, alkalis and disinfectants can be dosed into the process to optimize and control water treatment. Finally, zipping processes can also be generated when cleaning in the brewery or beverage plant. The chemicals are supplied from below via a dosing pump. The next steps run via a pulsation damper, a pressure sensor and a container that collects outgassing chemicals. It then goes into the water treatment process or directly into the zipping application.

dosing pump chemical supply water treatment beverage industry
pressure sensor pulsation damper dosing pump

The system is available with and without a control box. Depending on the configuration or performance range, other pumps with different specifications can also be installed. PROMINENT is very modular in terms of the components of its systems. This means that the customer receives a system tailored to their requirements.

Sigma motor pump for industrial processes BrauBeviale 2023
ProMinent dosing of chemicals beverage industry
ProMinent motor metering pump metering solution measuring device