Caterpillar: Fully electric excavator CAT 323F Z-Line, bauma 2019

Caterpillar is showcasing the CAT 323F Z-Line, an all-electric excavator, at the bauma 2019 trade fair in Munich. Powered by electricity, the excavator is ideal for use on construction sites in urban areas. This is because there are no emissions on site and you only hear the movement of the hydraulics as you work. Powered by green electricity, you are on the way to a "green construction site".

Caterpillar Pon with battery powered full electric excavator 323F Z Line
Caterpillar Pon vollelectric excavator 323F Z Line

With battery-powered fully electric excavator

The CAT 323F Z-Line is a battery-powered, fully electric excavator. It works without a diesel engine but entirely with electricity. During operation, you only hear the sound of the hydraulics. It also produces no exhaust fumes. The machine was not built by Caterpillar, but by the Norwegian Caterpillar dealer Pon. It is also offered by us in Germany. The excavator has an output of around 120 KW. With an operating weight of around 25 tons, it offers exactly the same performance spectrum as the diesel-powered machine that exists in parallel, but has much greater pulling power. This is already familiar with electric motors. They deliver a lot of power from a standing start. And that is also typical of this machine, which pulls away really strongly.

Caterpillar electric excavator bauma 2019
Caterpillar Pon electric excavator 323F Z Line 120KW power

Fully electric excavator: no noise and no exhaust fumes on the construction site

On the other hand, it is an environmentally friendly machine: no noise and no exhaust fumes. Very powerful. Lasts half a day with the batteries, depending on use. If you only use the excavator lightly, it may even last a whole shift. The batteries are also interesting. They comply with the multiple automotive safety standard for vibration and impact resistance. This is a major problem with excavators. Because there is always a lot of shaking and jolting. The batteries must be able to withstand this without short-circuiting and possibly even catching fire. That is why we have installed very high-quality batteries here, which make the machine very safe to use.

Caterpillar Pon fully electric excavator 323F Z Line battery powered with high shock and vibration resistance
Klaus Finzel Zeppelin construction machines Caterpillar full electric excavator Z Line
Excavator electric Caterpillar Zeppelin construction machines bauma 2019
excavator bucket Caterpillar bauma 2019 trade fair Munich

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