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Zapf Creation is a renowned German manufacturer of dolls and toys, known for its high-quality dolls, especially baby dolls. The company has a long tradition in the toy industry and is a leader in the European market for baby dolls. The products are characterized by loving design, realistic details and innovative functions that enrich the play experience for children.

Europe's number 1 doll manufacturer

The successful company Zapf Creation, based in Rödental, Bavaria, has been present in many children's rooms for more than 90 years. Since its foundation in 1932, the toy manufacturer has been able to hold its own against the competition and is now Europe's largest manufacturer of dolls. Especially in the field of baby care products, Zapf Creation is a name that repeatedly promotes role play with special products and inspires girls and boys alike with lifelike dolls.

Doll manufacturer Zapf Creation
Fabian Chudziak Head of Brand and Content Corporate Marketing Product Development Zapf Creation

Puppetry helps you to develop your own feelings

At the Spielwarenmesse 2024, Head of Brand & Content Fabian Chudziak will give an insight into the popular product range and also show which new products young and old doll fans can look forward to. Of course, special attention will be paid to what is probably the most popular product line from Zapf Creation, the Baby Born brand. The baby doll, which is at home in many children's rooms, has been a bestseller for more than 30 years and is constantly being optimized, so that even after more than three decades it continues to delight girls and boys. Fabian Chudziak from Zapf Creation explains that it is not only little girls who enjoy their Baby Born dolls and can mother them lovingly, more and more boys are also enjoying imaginative play with the dolls from Zapf Creation, as they learn emotional play and can also express their own emotions through the dolls. Boys can also learn from playing with baby dolls, especially when it comes to developing their own feelings.

Doll accessories Baby Born
Winter doll clothes Baby Born

Baby Born doll now has a name: "Emma"

One innovation concerns the popular Baby Born, which has been on the shelves of toy stores for 30 years, as the classic 43-centimetre baby doll was previously without a name. The Zapf company recently brought out an animation series that can bring children even closer to the baby doll. This was christened Emma. In 2024, the Baby Born doll will finally have a name and will be known as "Emma" from now on. Zapf Creation decided on this name for various reasons, and parents are increasingly using it for their daughters. "Emma" is a name that is known internationally and works in several languages. It is also a classic name that is timeless and just as popular today as it was a few decades ago. With the character from the series and the name for the doll, which can be found on the doll's packaging from now on, a unity is created that can offer young viewers a new approach to their doll.

Emma in the high chair Baby Born
Emma Baby Born Zapf Creation

Cuddly soft teddy as a companion for the Baby Born doll

Also known from the new series is the cute teddy bear, which can now also be found on the shelves of toy stores. The fluffy fellow is not only particularly cuddly and therefore an ideal companion for the little ones, he also has a special feature that will delight many Baby Born fans. The cuddly soft teddy bear, which is very soft and flexible and can therefore be used by children from birth, can wear any of Baby Born's 43 centimeter tall clothes. Its movable body is specially designed so that the cute bear can be dressed in the clothes of the beloved doll without any problems. This means that the plush companion can always be dressed in Baby Born's clothes and given a new look every time.

Animation Series Singing Teddy Baby Born
Teddy Pink movable arms legs Baby Born

No doll without clothes: outfits play an important role

The various outfits are also an important product series presented by Fabian Chudziak. The 43 cm Baby Born will also be equipped with new styles this season. The current collection, which was presented at the Toy Fair 2024, not only includes pretty dresses or casual jogging outfits for the baby doll, but also enchanting princess dresses and disguises. It's not just at Halloween or carnival that you can style your doll to your heart's content. Of course, the new teddy bear should not be missing here either, because with the appropriate onesie you can dress up the doll like her cuddly bear.

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Doll clothes Fasching Carnival Halloween Baer Baby Born