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iXO Racing Models is a company based in Macau. Production took place in Portugal until rising labor costs there prompted the company to produce in China and Bangladesh. The headquarters of iXO Racing Models is still located in Macau.

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Model vehicles in small scales for collectors

The company specializes in model vehicles in small scales such as 1:87, 1:164, 1:143, 1:124, 1:118, 1:108 and 1:112 for collectors. The largest lines include rally and motorsport vehicles. The stand at the Spielwarenmesse 2024 features an outstanding example of this line in the form of the Monte Carlo Racing Model 2024, as well as smaller-scale copies of various rally vehicles in a display case. Hyundai is currently the main designer of rally cars for Toyota. iXO Racing is showing all the corresponding models from the Hyundai rally model to the magnificent Toyota rally model with the current labels for 2024.

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Product range for rally and motorsport fans

Another product range for rally and motorsport fans, which is particularly popular in Europe, has been designed based on the models of the cars taking part in the World Rally Championship. Fans may not be able to enjoy the real vehicle, but they can still enjoy the lifelike, small-scale replicas to line up on their collector's shelves. iXO Racing Models has the licenses for the respective models and brands, such as Hyundai and Toyota, as well as the tools and products. Buyers know and appreciate this and the company has been well-known on the market for many years. This is why rally and motorsport enthusiasts specifically seek out iXO Racing Models, which are manufactured with exceptional expertise.

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Prices of model vehicles

The pricing for 1:118 scale models is around 60 euros, while 1:143 scale models cost around 35 euros. With the large scales from 1:81 to 1:6, iXO Racing offers a further line. These are extremely detailed models that are equipped and finished practically like a real vehicle. The corresponding models are offered as kits. The collector buys the kit piece by piece, each kit contains 100 parts, which are assembled by the collector until all 100 parts finally come together to form the final product. The finished, incredibly detailed model weighs quite a bit, as all parts are made of metal.

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Enormous attention to detail in the racing car models

There was a corresponding demand for this on the market. With the replica, iXO Racing set itself the task of constantly improving the models, adding more and more parts and more and more details. The company was aware that this enormous level of detail could only be achieved if the scale was increased. To this end, they deviated from smaller scales. Success was soon achieved through high demand from enthusiastic fans of these detailed models, who did not shy away from the associated costs. To complete such a model perfectly, it takes about 100 parts at 8-10 euros each, so more or less around 1000 euros in total.

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