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The Lenz company has been dedicated to building model railroads for 40 years. About 20 years ago, company founder Bernd Lenz, who initially came from the model railway electronics sector and worked for the model railroad supply industry, realized that there was a gap in the market for 0-gauge railroads. Consequently, he invested in 0-gauge railroads 20 years ago.

Track 0 model railway Lenz
Dietmar Wohlfahrt Managing Director Lenz

Deutz KG 230 diesel locomotive in die-cast zinc - trade fair novelty 2024

Today, three quarters of Lenz's railroads are in 0-gauge, while a quarter of the company's turnover is still in electronics. At the 2024 toy fair, Lenz will be presenting a small diesel locomotive that was used by private railroads and the German Federal Post Office - the Deutz KG 230 model. The locomotive, designed as a small and heavy die-cast zinc model for better driving characteristics, will be available in 10 different versions in the first half of 2024. The frame made entirely of die-cast zinc is not only heavy, the weight also leads to better power consumption. In addition, most buyers consider metal to be more valuable than plastic. The retail price of the Deutz KG 230 will be between 600 and 700 euros.

German Federal Post Zinc Cast Traction Vehicle
Deutz KG 230 locomotive model railway
Locomotive weight all metal railway current pickup
German Federal Post Diesel Locomotive model Lenz

New all-metal models for specialized steam locomotive collectors

Another gem is the 86 series with an all-metal model that is currently in production. Lenz wants to build up a second product line with this all-metal model taken over from a competitor. In a separate display case, the company exhibits wagons made mainly of plastic. Some customers are concerned with the weight on the layout, for which the lighter plastic models are great. But there are many collectors who specialize exclusively in metal, and the 86 series is predestined for this purpose.

BR86 series prototype toy fair 2024
BR86 electronics railway Lenz steam locomotives
All metal model series 86 Lenz
Track zero landscape model railway Lenz

Lovers of 0-gauge model railroads a very special clientele

Until the early 1970s, the class 86 was mainly used on branch lines by the German Federal Railroad. On the exhibition model, we can admire the incredibly detailed design, which is of course reflected in the higher price of approx. 1400 euros. The 0-gauge enthusiasts differ somewhat from other model railroad fans. The clientele is usually well off, 40 plus and has the necessary space and the muse to deal with the 0 gauge.

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