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The world-famous traditional model train manufacturer Märklin has been producing model trains since the end of the 19th century. Originally founded in Göppingen in 1859, the company mainly produced dolls' tableware and tin toys until it entered the model train market around 1880/1890.

Model railway Maerklin Up 4014 Lehrerstand Maerklin Locomotive
Reinhard Reindl Director of Product Management and documentation Maerklin

Märklin builds model railroads scale 1:220 Z gauge to 1:22.5 LGB

Model railroads have been Märklin's main focus ever since. The program includes gauges from the small 1:220 Z scale to the 1:22.5 LGB scale. Mr. Reindl, Märklin's Director of Product Management, describes the target group as passionate, technology-savvy railroad enthusiasts who enjoy playing and working with model railroads. They often perceive the interaction between the model train and its surroundings as a dream.

Big Boy railway aluminum zinc pressure brass
Big Boy model track digital locomotive Maerklin

Big Boy locomotive on a scale of 1:32 with digital functions

At the exhibition stand, a fully functional Big Boy on a scale of 1:32 moves impressively along the track. Many digital functions, including smoke from the chimneys and the cylinder taps and valves, lights and noises, make the ride appear realistic and lively. With a length of 126 cm and a weight of 15.5 kg, the locomotive requires a lot of space and a stable track system.

Steam locomotive Maerklin Spielwarenmesse 2024
Booster Big Boy 1 to 32 Maerklin

Challenges in planning the Big Boy steam locomotive

During the initial planning for this model, the challenge of weight arose. A combined metal construction was therefore chosen, consisting of parts made of die-cast tin and a much higher proportion of aluminum components. To save even more weight, some of the attachments were made of brass. Another challenge was the high power consumption of the many functions that often have to run simultaneously. The aim was to run functions such as smoke generation, sound and light functions with a tolerable power consumption.

Steam locomotive gauge 1 model railway
Big Boy chalk writing chimney cylinder cocks fully functional

Functional display case as an alternative to track 1

So much technology and the perfect design of the Big Boy come at a price. It has a retail price of 6,990 euros. If the model railroader does not own a classic 1-gauge layout and does not see any other way to run the Big Boy, a so-called functional display case is an option. Märklin has had such a tool specially developed and manufactured, which costs just under 1,000 euros. With this help, the Big Boy can exude its fascination in operation on the sideboard in the living room or in the office, for example.

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