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Colorful, feather-light stacking bricks get children of all ages moving. Since 2016, colorful, feather-light stacking stones have been getting young and old children's play instincts moving. According to the WHO, half of all children today lack the necessary minimum of movement in their everyday lives. The differently sized, dome-shaped stacking stones from the Stuttgart-based company Stapelstein create a playful range of movement and creative applications.

Modular Stapelstein movement game
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Stacking blocks can be combined modularly

The original element is made of extremely light, very stable material, can be combined in a modular way and can be used in a variety of ways. The round stones can be used as a balance course, for example. The stacking stones can be piled on top of each other to create a course of different heights. If you turn individual elements over, the dome shape creates wobbly elements, and small children's feet fit perfectly into the hollow interior. But it's not just children who enjoy the challenge, adults do too. After all, a stacking stone weighs just 18 grams and can easily support 180 kg. Amazing - that's 1000 times its own weight.

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Sorting game Huetchenspiel stacking game
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NEW: Stapelstein inside for even more game variations

As the name suggests, the bricks can be stacked. In this way, towers can be built and used as a balance board when turned upside down. With a round plate as a cover, a swinging stool is created. With a little imagination, new game variations can always be discovered. For the Spielwarenmesse 2024, the new stacking blocks inside are recommended as an extension with completely new uses. The elements of different sizes fit perfectly into the upside-down inside of the original brick. Children love this sorting game.

Balance Board balance training stapelstein

Parcour for advanced users and use as a balance board

But that's not all. If the interlocking bricks are turned over as a whole, they form a game of hide and seek. The colorful stones now point upwards with the dome and encourage a more challenging course thanks to the different sized treads. The lid, which we already know as a cover for the stool, turns out to be a balance board and can also be integrated into the course for variety.

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Balance course playful movement

Creative games with the stacking stones in the water

Even in water, the stacking stones open up unimagined possibilities. Laser technology on the surface of the stones creates a closed surface that acts like a membrane. This makes the stone sound wonderfully warm and round when touched in the water. Depending on the shape and position in the water, lighter or darker tones can be heard - a wide field for experimentation. Of course, children particularly like to use the floating stones for pouring games; the stones can also be placed on top of each other in this variant and used to build a floating fountain. It's also fun to make the structures float rapidly with a single push.

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Children's creativity and playful movement are perfectly combined in the game with the Stapelsteine. In this way, Stapelstein has implemented the requirement for more movement for children of all ages in a fun way.