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Ravensburger celebrates its anniversary - 50 years of the "blue triangle"

Who doesn't know the games from Ravensburger? Memory, Malefiz, Catch the Hat and many others are classics that have accompanied practically every childhood. And exciting travel games have sweetened many a boring car journey. Ravensburger from the Swabian town of the same name is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its best-known brand this year. It is the one with the blue triangle in the bottom right-hand corner. The target group of the product range extends from young to old.

Disney Lorcana collecting cards game stitch underlay
Disney Lorcana collecting card game Ravensburger

Disney Lorcana trading card game

In its anniversary year, Ravensburger is presenting a new trading card game at Spielwarenmesse 2024, which was launched in August 2023. It is called Lorcana, with Disney characters such as Stitch and Vayana as the protagonists. The game was immediately received enthusiastically on the market, and huge queues formed in front of the presentation stands at and "Spiel" in Essen. Everyone wanted to be part of Disney Lorcana. In a nutshell, the game with the trading cards revolves around an inkwell from which Disney stories flow out. The characters are a little mixed up, there is not just one original Mickey - no, there is also Mickey the Great Magician and Mickey the Tailor. These characters play against each other.

Dagobert Duck Disney Lorcana Spielwarenmesse 2024
Micky Mouse storage box collecting cards Ravensburger

Lorcana appeals to Disney fans, families and trading card players

Of course, a trading card game also means collecting. Lorcana appeals to Disney fans, but also to passionate collectible card players and a whole new class of players who have not had much contact with collectible card games to date. They are now curious about Lorcana thanks to the Disney family theme. Anyone who wants to play Lorcana can purchase a starter set for 19.99 euros and upgrade it with a booster pack of 12 unknown cards for 5.99 euros. There is also a whole range of accessories such as game folders, storage boxes, collection folders etc.

Disney Lorcana Vaiana play mat Ravensburger
Katrin Seemann Family and Adult Game Ravensburger Spieleverlag

Cute Garten-Gauner with big eyes for children from 6

Ravensburger has another ace up its sleeve at the toy fair with the new board game Garten-Gauner. It is suitable for children aged 6 and over. On the playing field, there are easy-to-grasp trees made of printed cardboard scattered around the garden. The gardener is behind the house, in front of which there is a dustbin. This is the declared target of the greedy raccoons, colored wooden figures. When the sun flap falls in front of the balcony on the second floor, the call "1,2,3 who's sneaking past?" is heard. Now the raccoons start to hide behind the trees. If the other players have hidden their figures well, the gardener can look to see where a raccoon is hiding. If one is found, it has to go back to the front of the line.

Garten Gauner Ochs am Berg 3D Kinderspiel
Garden Gauner childrens guessing game toy fair 2024

Age-appropriate games for children's hands and eyes

It is important for children's games to bear in mind that the players are children. Children aged 6 do not have the same skills as adolescents or adults. The garden crooks are designed with this in mind, the easy-to-grasp 3D look of the bushes and trees appeals to children and the easy-to-grip wooden figures fit well in children's hands. The attractively designed gardener's house features clear colors. Not too complicated and yet full of free play options, the garden crooks are recommended for entertaining playtime fun.

House with Window Garden Gauner Hide and Seek Game Ravensburger
Wash bear wooden figure garbage can game for toddlers