DIY Camera kit JollyLook

JollyLook from Ukraine, now based in Slovakia due to the war, manufactures educational equipment such as instant cameras, projectors and instant printers. Evgeniy Ivanov's company philosophy is based on the beautiful motto "enjoy the time with your family and loved ones while learning without looking at any screens".

DIY whole camera kit Jollylook
Evgeniy Ivanov Founder Jollylook

Bestselling DIY instant camera kit

The DIY Instant Camera Kit from the JollyLook product range is an absolute bestseller. The sales box contains an impressive number of pre-assembled individual parts. A single screwdriver is all you need to build a functioning pinhole camera in around 2 hours. It works very simply: on sunny days, for example, the exposure aperture can be set from 1-6 seconds. The shoot can begin - position the camera, aim at the subject, open the shutter, release, count down, turn the crank and voila, the photo pops out of the slit. The shot you have just taken will develop in 4 to 5 minutes.

Exposure time learning to take a perfect photo
Educational device instant film camera
Shutter do it yourself pinhole camera
Educational product learning to photograph

Printer kit: Print digital photos

Brand new at the start of the Spielwarenmesse 2024 is a printer newly developed by JollyLook that converts digital into analog. This model is also impressively easy to use: Simply place the handy printer on your smartphone, take a photo of the selected image, wait for it to be developed and hold a high-quality printout in your hands. The double lens on the camera ensures really good photos that you can proudly hang on the photo wall in your living room. The amazing device will be available in stores from March 2024.

Digital to analogous printer Jollylook
Instant printer for photos Spielwarenmesse 2024
Fuji Instax Mini for kids

Product optimization through customer feedback

JollyLook considered changing the covers of the devices from cardboard to plywood and, depending on customer feedback, decided to produce a construction educational kit for the new product as well.