Helix building blocks - Yamba

Maximilian Saller, Managing Director of Swiss toy manufacturer Yamba, presents Yamba's innovative Helix components to us at the International Toy Fair. The company founders, an engineer and a designer, are enthusiastic fans of traditional wooden children's toys. As these are age-appropriate and educationally well thought out. The only problem is the risk of injury due to the sharp edges and hard material. Due to the associated risk of cuts, the two began to improve this system. Wooden train tracks and clamping blocks appealed to them and together they developed an innovative building system for their children.

Helix Building Blocks Wood Ball Track Yamba
Maximilian Saller Managing Director CEO Yamba Toys

Combine components into a plug-in and click system

They combined the two components to create a plug-in and click system that enables a wide variety of creative building elements. The system is suitable for children from the age of 5, depending on the planned design. A particularly practical feature is that the kits can be easily transported anywhere, even when moving house. The tracks are made from the oldest natural building material, wood. They include lift parts and clamping blocks. At the toy fair, Mr. Saller presented a helix and the corresponding components. The parts are rounded so that no child can cut themselves and large enough for small children's hands to hold comfortably. No great effort is required to push them into the inlets. Conveniently, the Yamba components are packed in a box so that they can be easily taken out and put away again. Some parts bring more color into play.

railway rail lift toy Yamba
idea and play extension wooden track railway

Building fun for children - official building approval by parents

The building blocks can be connected to each other as required. Of course, they can also be used to build highways or garages. As it takes some time for small children's hands to build a serpentine with a highway, children will want to leave it in the nursery for some time. Once assembled, the construction is bombproof and safe. Of course, it can't hurt for the parents to check the construction as "construction inspectors" after completion and "officially approve" it. This way you play it safe and the little ones will have even more fun with their building activity.

build classical wooden railway at height
Clamping blocks connecting system wooden railway

Helix components are a patented system and guarantee children's safety

The Yamba Helix components are a patented system and guarantee the safety of children. "Made in Switzerland" is a globally recognized quality feature. Of course, this creative wooden toy was independently tested before filing for the patent and was recognized as a "safe product". Developed as a wooden toy for children in the private sector, it is now sold wholesale and also manufactured for commercial businesses such as kindergartens, hospitals and care homes. Yamba Toys has now achieved a high level of recognition and is particularly well known among parents with children aged 5 and over. The developer parents still have many more innovations to build. As the parts are interchangeable, they can be used to build many creative novelties. There are no limits to the imagination, but neither are there any limits to the little builders' desire to play. The Yamba Helix components on the Yamba stand at the 2024 trade fair are already providing interesting food for thought.

roller wooden roller wooden railway