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Cuddly soft toys for children - this is what the company Heunec from Upper Franconia stands for, now in its 3rd generation and transitioning to the 4th generation. The products of this family-run company have been delighting children and parents alike since 1891 and Heunec is presenting a range of new cuddly toys based on licenses at the International Toy Fair.

Penguin Juri Plush Animal Heunec Back to School School of Magical Animals
School of magical animals license toy Fran Hales

Cuddly toys "School of magical animals"

One of the new licenses revolves around the popular book series "The School of Magical Animals", which has already been filmed several times. In this very special school, wizards help children with small weaknesses through magical animals that assist them in difficult situations. Only the child can see their personal magical animal. Heunec's motto for the new cuddly toy series is "back to school". There is Rabbat the fox, Henrietta the tortoise who helps Benni overcome his language difficulties, Kaspar the chameleon and Juri the penguin. These 4 characters are already available in stores and more will follow as the films are broadcast. With a moderate price range of just under €15 to €20, every child can hold their favorite magical animal in their arms as a plush version.

Earthmaiden Bottle 2 Body Heunec
Rabbat fox school of magical animals Heunec
Leo Lausemaus Heunec

Soft toys with material according to "global recycled standard"

Material according to global recycled standard makes cuddly Fluffballs sustainable Sustainability is a big issue at Heunec. That's why the manufacturer uses material made from GRS material (global recycled standard). A whole range of cuddly soft toys follows this standard by using filling wool and plush made from recycled plastic. The latest range of GRS cuddly toys is called Fluffball, the pink unicorn and the bug-eyed raccoon more than live up to this description.

Global Recycled Standard Heunec Spielwarenmesse 2024
Chamaeleon Caspar cuddly animal Heunec
New products Heunec Panda bear Heunec climate friendly cuddly animal
New products Heunec Spielwarenmesse

Cuddly toy sea and forest animals convey environmental awareness

The GRS series also includes the themes of the forest and the sea, which are known to suffer the most from environmental pollution. Under the slogan "bubble to body", marine animals such as octopus, seal and dolphin are collected. Familiar forest animals such as the fox, hare, hedgehog, etc. will be joined by an enchanting owl in 2024. Cute meerkats in various sizes are particularly popular with children. The cuddly toys made from GRS material are on sale for between just under 10 and just under 20 euros.

Fabric Plush Animals GRS Material Heunec
forest sea recycled cloth animals Heunec
forest animals sustainable plush toys