Toys and party articles

Toys and party articles have been the specialty of Happy People and TIB Heyne from Bremen for over 50 years. Heyne's products are modeled on the original articles in a childlike version. The second mainstay TIB Heyne deals with all accessories for celebrations and parties and is a subsidiary of Happy People.

Happy People Einhell childrens tools
Einhell workbench handicraft toy

Toy tools for children: From cordless screwdrivers to hedge trimmers

Among the tools in a version suitable for children are, for example, cordless screwdrivers equipped with a charging function or a brand new workbench in the form of a height-adjustable e-tec, which grows with the child and provides years of fun in the children's room. Children like to model their play on their parents' activities. This is why many products have been designed with the logo and look of the European market leader Einhell. This means that children can also support their dad with the "right" tools. The Einhell range includes around 20 products from hedge trimmers to storage boxes. After all, handling and organizing tools is something that needs to be learned. The highlights of the range include mini cordless screwdrivers and cordless lamps with a hanging device that can change the light in different colors and, particularly exciting, has a Morse code function.

Einhell toolbox Happy People
Einhell Compact driver Children tools
Einhell Play tool Happy People

Suitable for children Claas toy vehicles

Claas vehicles have also been very successful in the portfolio for many years. The originals of various series serve as models for the vehicles suitable for children. The large models reflect the details on a 1:1 scale, and the scales used can be seen on the packaging. At a price of just under 60 euros, these models are popular as classic Christmas or birthday presents. In the smaller range, on the other hand, it is mainly about the haptics. For the very little ones, special wooden models and puzzles have been created, which are already on sale for less than 10 euros.

870 Axion Claas 1 zu 16 scale
870 Axion Claas Toddlers
990 Jaguar Claas Feldhaecksler Happy People
870 Axion 540RC Rollant Claas toy
2014 Torion Claas wooden toy

Party article range: streamers, balloons, candles

It's party time at TIB Heyne! You'll find everything you need in this party range: streamers, balloons, candles - many of them licensed in well-known designs. Fun items such as a foam shooter that works like a water pistol will delight the audience. It is an in-house development that can be printed with many licensed motifs in 3D. The foam shooter is ultimately an ingenious combination of toy and party article.

Sabrina Brechtenkamp Head of Purchasing Marketing Design Happy People
License Products Party Foil Balloons Children Birthday Tib Heyne
Paw Patrol Party articles water gun toy fair 2024

Water wings - mobile swimming courses for children

The Happy People range also includes the well-known BEMA brand water wings in a wide assortment. The packaging of each water wing contains learning cards for beginners. Together with RTL, BEMA has also launched a project to help children learn to swim. To this end, water containers travel to the suburbs and offer courses together with the Sharky swimming school.

Stephan Thauwald managing partner Happy People
Swimming wing Bema learn to swim Happy People