Magic light Toverlux

Magical lights with fairytale silhouettes

The young Danish company Toverlux will be conjuring up magical lights for the children's room and/or a seasonal atmosphere at home with fairytale silhouettes at the Spielwarenmesse 2024. Stories can also be brought to life with interchangeable light panels.

Story lights lightbook
Annefleur Beekman Co Founder Toverlux

Various artists illustrate silhouette motifs

The body of these "miracle lamps" is formed by a wooden frame into which the magical silhouettes are inserted from above. Various artists have created the motifs for these panels, and there is a suitable design for practically every wish. At the exhibition stand, a lamp with different silhouettes by various artists radiates its magical warmth. The silhouettes can be easily exchanged by sliding out the old and inserting the new panel. This creates a new atmosphere again and again and never gets boring.

Artist lamp with changeable creative drawings
Ecological wooden lamp Spielwarenmesse 2024
Atmosphere childrens lamp warm pictures
Wooden lamp magical light Spielwarenmesse 2024

A Toverlux lamp for life

Many people buy these Toverlux lamps as a gift for the birth of a child. The great thing about them is that the lamp grows with the family. Fairy tale panels are suitable for a small baby, followed by scenes for kindergarten children and later very special desired images such as the unicorn so popular with girls. The preferred motif can be expanded into a whole series of corresponding silhouettes. The homely light also looks good in the dining room. Here, motifs that match the season are ideal. Families and guests alike appreciate this unique atmosphere, which creates unique moments.

Silhouettes lamp light Toverlux
Seasonal romantic light childrens room

Silhouette motifs for every taste and occasion

The variety of available motifs encourages use for all kinds of family events such as birthdays, the start of vacations, etc. A whole range of different styles by various artists constantly brings new aspects to the lighting experience. The basic version of the Toverlux lamps consists of the housing model 5995, which is charmingly reminiscent of an old-fashioned television set. Or as we say today, it comes in a stylish retro look. It contains a silhouette. This creates a basic stock that can be topped up at any time with a collection of other motifs. In our experience, many customers specialize over time in a particular illustrator whose style appeals to them the most. Even if tastes change over the years, there is still enough choice to find the right one for a magical light at home.