SPYRA Electric water guns

The two most important water gun models

SPYRA presents "the best water pistols in the world" at Spielwarenmesse 2024 SPYRA is a start-up from Munich. Most of the company's water pistols are produced for traditional gameplay for teenagers and young adults. However, there is a new model that is also suitable for leisure and water fun in the garden from the age of eight.

Leana Kampf Junior Marketing Manager Spyra
Start up Spyra electric water guns

The SPYRAGO for children aged 8 and over

The smaller water pistol called SPYRAGO will be on the market from April. It is suitable for children aged eight and over. The SPYRAGO is equipped with similar features to our other models, such as automatic reloading, various firing modes and a fill level indicator.

SpyraGo water gun for kids
Outdoor toy water battle
SpyraThree self filling electronic water gun
SpyraThree automatic electric water gun

SPYRATHREE for young people aged 14 and over

The SPYRATHREE is one of the most popular models that can be used for both gameplay and leisure. It is suitable for children aged 14 and over. The SPYRATHREE is an electronic water pistol that fills automatically. Simply hold the tip in the water and press the trigger and the gun charges itself. The motor stops at 100% filling level and the gun is fully filled.

Gameplay with Spyra Water Gun
Full hit shot with water gun

The water pistol has three different game modes - Open mode: In open mode, you can fire shots in succession as quickly as possible as long as you stay on the trigger. - Burst mode: Here, three shots are fired in succession when the trigger is pressed. - Lead mode: This mode is intended for tactical gameplay. Three shots are also fired here. However, you have to wait about a second for a shot to be reloaded. There is a kind of marker on the pistol so that you can see when the shot has been reloaded.

Game Mode League Burst Open Spyra
Display Hightech water gun

SPYRATHREE Bonus function Openshot

With the open shot, you always shoot exactly once. Suddenly it starts to crack as the motor recharges the shot. You can then fire a sharp shot that can reach a range of up to 9 meters. SPYRA water pistols are for people with an interest in technology. There is a lot of technical know-how in the products. In 2018, the start-up ran the most successful Kick-Starter campaign for its first product. It became clear that customers are very interested in technology. Many clients even open the guns directly after purchase to see how they work. With the SPYRAGO and SPYRATHREE, SPYRA wants to bring father and son together and ensure that an exciting water fight with the whole family is possible at the next barbecue in summer.