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Simm Spielwaren is a family business with a 50-year tradition in the development and production of high-quality toys made of sheet metal and plastic. The LENA and DARDA brands are particularly well known.

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Carola Soehn Managing Director Simm Spielwaren

Why toys from Simm are unique

Play is fundamental for children's health. Those who do not play are inhibited in their development. Developing means experiencing the world through play, feeling it out and trying out its rules. This makes the necessary toys all the more important. They should be of high quality and appropriate to the needs of the target group. In addition, all equipment must undergo an inspection and be tested for safety. After all, the highest standards are just good enough for your children. They are well served with toys from Simm. The company from the Franconian town of Roth meets all the necessary requirements for functional toys.

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Environmentally friendly and educational toys for all ages

The high quality of Simm's toys is based on innovation and a wealth of experience - experience that spans almost 100 years, as the first play equipment bearing the Sinn name came onto the market in 1926. A lot has changed since then, but the business principle is still the same. It is a family-run company, now in its third generation, which manufactures products that are indispensable for children to grow up with. The toys are manufactured in the company's own factory. It is located in the Czech Republic, where a sense of responsibility and customer focus are paramount. According to Managing Director Carola Söhn, the result is a "broad portfolio" that includes toys for all ages. As a result, Simm has items for both babies and teenagers. They are tailored to either female or male needs. However, there are also numerous toys that carry the "unisex" label. This means that they can be used by both sexes and go beyond a specific classification. But no matter which items are used: All are equally environmentally friendly as they are educationally valuable.

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Play vehicles for action on the water

Toys from Simm are divided into different sections. The "Vehicles" section is primarily aimed at male needs and has a number of new features. A police boat and a fire boat are now available to order. They have a "high play value and can be used both in the bathtub and in the pool," says Carola Söhn. For an enhanced action experience, the designers have equipped the fire boat called "Fire Fighter" with a tank and a water sprayer. The gimmicks ensure that players always have a "liquid" supply at their disposal.

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Encourage individual design through play

Female target groups will find inspiration for their creative streak in the "Arts & Crafts" segment. For example, if you are between 8 and 12 years old and also have a penchant for glitter and glamor, you will do everything right with "Sparkle Art". The "glittering art" stimulates the imagination in your own children's room and can be "designed independently according to your own wishes", says Carola Söhn. It is also important to Söhn that the product is not bought "off the peg", as individual design is the top priority.

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