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Waterproof folding boat made from stone paper

The Ukrainian start-up WOYS specializes in environmentally friendly and sustainable paper toys for children. The idea was born two years ago when family man Mykola Lozinskyi, CEO & Co-Founder of WOYS, was asked by his wife to make something for his child. He then folded a paper boat. Subsequently, different types of paper were used to create a boat that could be used anywhere - indoors or outdoors, in all weathers, anytime and anywhere.

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Mykola Lozinskyi CEO Founder Woys

Paper boat: waterproof, tearproof, paintable and environmentally friendly

Stone paper turned out to be the ideal waterproof craft paper; it is cut from stones into thin layers and glued together. After heat treatment, it becomes waterproof. It is sold as a craft kit in a paper envelope. The 5 layers of paper it contains can be folded into a boat. The surface is painted in various patterns, for example with animals. However, it is also available completely white so that you can color it yourself with pens, which can be easily removed with a tissue. The paper also has other properties: it is waterproof, durable, environmentally friendly, recyclable and can be painted.

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Waterproof paper folding playboat
Tear free paper to do handcrafts
Folding a waterproof paperboat

Folding boats together - quality time for the family

The Floating Origami Boats are great fun for children aged 3 to 9 and for the whole family. A great opportunity to develop children's fine motor skills and creativity through play. The folding itself is very easy, especially as the package includes instructions for use. The sheet is folded in the middle and bent over along the pre-marked lines, as with the origami technique, only more conveniently thanks to the markings. In one of the last steps, you can already see the drawing, in this case a cute penguin, during the demonstration of the folding process at the trade fair stand. Now the package just needs to be pulled apart and off it goes into the water.

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Floating Origami boats Woys