XL kits from Mixitoy

Construction kit for large structures such as a playhouse

Mixitoy is a new Danish brand with a focus on kits. The new company has been on the market for 2 years. It offers two products: Building boards made of EVA foam, which children can use to build large objects and spend time in - just like in a small house. The boards can be used in a variety of ways, for example to build a store, a ship or a cafeteria. With a child's imagination, a lot of great things can be created.

EVA foam toxic free playhouse
Hanne Marie Mortensen CEO Mixitoy

Doll's house kit - creatively redesignable

The second product presented to us by Ms. Hanne Marie Mortensen, CEO Mixitoys ApS, is a doll's house. This is also configured as a construction kit with which various designs can be created. On the back wall of the stand we see some framed construction suggestions. On the doll's house itself, Ms. Mortensen shows us how the wooden and plastic parts can be removed and put together.

Dollhouse creative building set
Doll house wooden construction kit
Play sitting room construction set
Sleeping room dolls house Mixitoy

Building kits: Play from 0 and build from 3 years

The doll's house is suitable for children aged 3 and over, while the building boards are suitable for the very youngest children, as no toxic chemicals are used here. However, children should be around 6 years old to construct such a building from EVA foam panels themselves. Nevertheless, even a baby can explore the inside without any danger.

Imaginative construction house for kids Mixitoy
Living room dollhouse Spielwarenmesse 2024