Authentic play figures by Schleich

The triumphal march of the detailed play figures from Schleich in Schwäbisch Gmünd continues unabated. There is hardly a children's room in which the much-loved figures from the various play worlds are not to be found.

Harry Potter Patronus Schleich
Schleich Spielwarenmesse 2024

More play figures for Harry Potter at Schleich

The product groups are essentially aimed at pre-school children from the age of 3 and in-school children from the age of 6. At the Spielwarenmesse 2024, Schleich will be presenting an expansion of the Harry Potter line with 9 new products as an absolute highlight. The dark arts come into play alongside Harry and Hermione. These include the mentor and a bird of prey with movable jaws and wings, the wizard Lord Voldemort in a set with Maghini and several other figures with their cartridges. With the expansion, the game of good versus evil can continue to pick up speed.

Ukrainian Iron belly Harry Potter Schleich
Schleich Harry Potter Snow Owl Hedwig
Dementor Harry Potter Schleich
Severus Snape Harry Potter Schleich
Voldemort Harry Potter Schleich

Schleich Eldrador Creatures play figures

The Eldrador Creatures line has recently emerged from the fantasy product group as the fastest-growing Schleich figure product group. With Eldrador Creatures, we find ourselves in a world full of battle and action with 5 different fantasy worlds: lava, ice, stone, jungle and shadow worlds are in perpetual battle. Oversized figures created especially for the stand loom impressively and colorfully over the Battlecaves in all their detailed glory, bringing with them unique functions for action and combat. If a child wants to combine the specific functions with each other, this is very easy to do thanks to the modular design. This suits the target group of 6 to 12-year-olds, who want to use a lot of imagination and variety in their battles. Of course, each world is also represented in the various caves with a special figure that cannot be purchased individually.

Eldrador Creatures Schleich authentic play figure
Fantasy Product Line Schleich
modular Battle Caves Schleich
Battle Caves battle play set

Guaranteed fun with the true-to-original play figures

The pricing depends on the respective constellation. A battle cave consisting of a cave and a figure costs 29.99 euros, the entry-level model "battlecave of super crystals" costs 19.99 euros. In any case, Schleich's game worlds are always the starting point for hours of play in the fantastic world.

Battle Cave Eldrador Fantasyworld Schleich
Battle Cave with action slide toy fair