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BRUDER is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality toy vehicles that are characterized by their detailed replication of real vehicles. The robust models offer an authentic play experience for children. With a wide range of vehicles including tractors, construction vehicles and utility vehicles, BRUDER encourages creative play and allows children to explore the adult world in a fun way.

BRUDER EN Norm tested child safe play vehicles toy fair 2024
Julia Meyer Marketing Manager Bruder Play toys

Tractor and police vehicle with special effects

On the occasion of the Spielwarenmesse 2024, Julia Mayer from Bruder Spielwaren presents the company's latest toy vehicles for children aged 2 and over. The company produces vehicles with the motto "Just the real thing" for fans aged between 2 and 8. The new Roadmax tractor with front loader is easy to hold thanks to its size and is affordable at 35 euros. It will be available in stores from July 2024. Emergency vehicles, such as the new police vehicle, are well received by children aged 2 and over due to the numerous special effects. The new police vehicle will be available online and in stores from March. Highlights such as flashing lights are of course a must. Children can also hold this large police vehicle in their hands and play with it. They can use it to transport the delinquents away or start a wild chase. This means that children can safely re-enact almost all police operations. The children are particularly pleased that there are so many different vehicles in one line, which makes the game even more fun.

Roadmax tractor realistic vehicle BRUDER
Quality toys with spare parts Bruder
XD 5000 dumper construction vehicle Bruder
Model model vehicles 1 to 16 scale

BRUDER toy vehicles - often copied but never equaled

Bruder Spielwaren has not only won over children all over the world with its toy vehicles, but also experts from various specialist juries. The competition never sleeps and is always trying to copy Bruder toy vehicles. This is not so easy due to the high quality. This is why the company has received the Plagiarism Award. Of course, this is annoying, which is why the quality standard is set ever higher. Firstly, this benefits the small clientele and secondly, the company protects itself from plagiarism. Bruder Spielwaren produces to the high standard of "Made in the EU" and is regarded as one of the most innovative toy manufacturers in Europe. Production takes place in Fürth and in the Czech Republic. Many Chinese toys are broken within a very short time.

Capture with police force brother
MB Sprinter Police Emergency Vehicle Bruder

250 toy vehicles and around 800 spare parts sets

Bruder manufactures 250 toy vehicles and around 800 spare parts sets. This ensures that in the event of a mishap, the vehicle is soon back on the road for the little fans. High quality is the main feature of the company. To ensure that playing with Bruder toy vehicles continues to be fun, new ones have to be developed all the time. These are then presented on the Internet or at trade fairs as well as on the company website. This gives children and parents an impression of what the innovative toys can do, what the new design looks like and how safe it is for the little ones.

Delinquent transport police operation Bruder
Light and Sound Module Toy Police

Child safety is the top priority for BRUDER play vehicles

Where there's planing, there's chipping - that's also the case when "working" with the Bruder vehicles. The spare parts sets are just right for this. Children especially love the high level of authenticity. Child safety is the top priority. That is why all the requirements of the EU standards are met 100%. No Bruder toy leaves the factory without first being thoroughly tested. All vehicles are child-safe and the materials are colorfast. There are no sharp edges or parts that could come off during play. The size of the toys plays a decisive role for small children. Small hands must be able to grasp and move the toy easily without it constantly slipping out of their grasp. The secure grip is a feature that makes Bruder products so safe. The toys are manufactured in such a way that they can be used according to age. After all, children want to have fun and romp around with the vehicles. Practical and safe handling as well as good durability are further Bruder features.