Indoor Ball game Pitjau

The ubiquitous involuntary standstill during the corona pandemic stimulated the imagination of children, parents and toy manufacturers. Including the manufacturer People2Play. The developers thought about how children could get moving away from the screens in their own four walls during bad weather. The brainstorming session resulted in Pitjau, an indoor ball game.

Indoor activity apartment
Soren Maribo CEO Pitjau

Playing ball games indoors with extremely light paper balls

Pitjau is based on extremely light paper balls that cannot cause any damage. After some experimentation, the game developed with the handball-sized, orange paper ball with its distinctive, black-bordered flattened fields. The game is played through an orange ring perched on a pole. Each player has 3 shots to return the ball through the ring. The ball changes direction depending on the distance. If you step closer than one meter, the ball is directed upwards or straight ahead, from a little further away the ball is directed downwards. If the ball touches the ring, you have 3 more attempts to get the ball through the ring. The use of hands and feet is permitted, as are sideways movements and, of course, fake attacks. Played at speed, this is a sweaty affair. Fortunately, however, it's also a safe game that won't break anything in your living room.

Transportable inflatable game ball
Lightweight inflatable ball for playing

Pitjau can also be played in small apartments

Pitjau can be played anywhere where there is 4 to 5 meters of free space in length. The width is not decisive, even if the walls are touched, nothing can break. Depending on the space available, Pitjau can be played by whole families or by individuals. On large areas, a round robin is also possible, just like in table tennis. Whoever makes a mistake is eliminated until only the two finalists are left to fight for victory. A variant similar to doubles in tennis is also conceivable.

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Ball game whole family Pitjau

Exercise, play and fun with simple means

With a paper ball and ring, you can come up with endless variations of the game. The focus is on fun and games for the whole family, in schools and leisure facilities, wherever movement with small means and lots of fun is called for.

Orange ring loop for ball game Pitjau
Indoor game light ball