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Understanding technology through play

Fischertechnik is a company headquartered in Tumlingen near Stuttgart that manufactures its products exclusively in Germany. The company mainly operates in three areas: firstly, toys, but also educational systems for schools. These are mainly construction and building sets. Thirdly, Fischertechnik also specializes in products that are used in industry, for example in vocational schools or universities. The intersection of the three areas reflects the guiding principle "Understanding technology through play". The aim behind this is to make a small contribution to making future generations fit for the future. Playful learning plays a major role in this. The main aim is to support the problem solvers of the future through a playful approach to training.

Construction buildings Technology playfully learning Fischertechnik
Managing Manager Thomas Busshart Fischertechnik

Construction kits with new color concept

Fischertechnik presents a world first at the Toy Fair 2024: In the past, the company's design was very strongly oriented towards the colors black, red, green and yellow and therefore strikingly gaudy, but recently the appearance has been developing in a different direction. The modern color concept is more harmonious. The basic color is black, with accents in white and orange. In the future, this new look will gradually be incorporated into the entire Fischertechnik portfolio. However, the focus is not on design and color, but still on the concept: "Understanding technology through play."

New construction kit design line Thomas Busshart fischertechnik
Universal Max Technology steering playfully grasping fischertechnik

This can be illustrated, for example, by various model vehicles where - to pick out just one aspect - the steering is controlled by different gear wheels. Fischertechnik usually works according to the construction kit model. A certain number of models can be built from a single construction set according to instructions. This naturally gives enthusiastic model builders the opportunity, with increasing practice, to be creative and design and try out their own models of all sizes.

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But back to the color scheme: Managing Director Thomas Bußhart notes that the right choice of color is very much based on subjective preferences, which is why the developers at Fischertechnik also teamed up with experts and agencies to find out which design would be particularly well received by the target group. Tests were carried out at schools and kindergartens, among others, and the new system in black, orange and white was finally selected from a choice of three models. According to Bußhart, this was the best fit for Fischer Technik, as the new design parts also focus on function.

Universal Max Design parts fischertechnik
Universal Max fischertechnik construction kits 10 models

Construction kits for the core topics of robotics and renewable energies

There are two topics that are particularly important to Fischertechnik in 2024: Specifically, these are "robotics" and, in particular, "renewable energies". The latter will be implemented, for example, with a completely new construction set that makes it very clear and playful how energy can be generated from solar power, wind power or hydropower. The construction kit also explains how the sustainably generated energy can be used or stored. This is because it can either be used immediately - for example by using the associated machines, such as the model chainsaw. Alternatively, the energy can also be stored in a battery. There is even a fuel cell model car, which also requires energy to start the electrolysis process.

Green Energy Wind power Renewable Energy fischertechnik Construction Kit
Smart Robots Pro fischertechnik construction toy
Construction building kits solar energy fischertechnik

From solar energy models to fuel cell model cars

This is particularly easy for children and young people to understand, as water can actually be converted into energy in this model to power the model car. Distilled water is first filled into a tank provided for this purpose. By adding energy, the water is split into the components hydrogen and oxygen. The reverse reaction produces water again. This releases energy, which in turn can be used to power the model car or to operate another associated machine. This is a complete cycle that makes the generation, use and storage of energy understandable and comprehensible in a playful and vivid way. This is set in the context of renewable energies, which is a very important topic today.

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electrolysis fuel cells hydropower car fischertechnik

Construction kits that make technology understandable for children and young people

Fischertechnik tries to create motivating incentives to get hands-on. Today, we are fighting against too much time in front of the screens of games consoles or tablets and, of course, smartphones. It's good to use your own hands. Not only do you understand the content, but you also develop your motor skills. The developers at Fischertechnik see this as one of the most important tasks for the future.

Solar Auto fischertechnik
Smart Robots Pro fischertechnik energy storage

Physical effort also required during the construction phase

In the "Robotics" area, various age-appropriate models are designed to motivate physical activity during the construction phase. However, Fischertechnik also wants to address other so-called "21st century skills", i.e. skills that will be particularly important in the 21st century. These include teamwork, communication, but also staying motivated over longer periods of time or learning from mistakes. The models in the Robotics series are designed to teach children and young people all of these skills in a fun way. Small programming tasks are also included in the robot models. This can be seen as a special challenge and also introduces the basics of programming. In this way, the Fischertechnik company aims to help young people gain an understanding of machines and their function in a playful and motivating way. This represents important skills that will remain significant in the future and prepare the next generation for the tasks to come.

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