Elevator control - ROCKET Elevator technology

At interlift 2023, ROCKET Aufzugstechnik will be showcasing a new generation of elevator control systems that can be expanded very flexibly.

Rocket elevator technology elevator control interlift 2023 Augsburg
elevator control Rocket elevator technology interlift 2023

At Interlift 2023, Rocket will be presenting a modern stand with the eye-catching slogans "Next Generation" and "Elevator controls simple and smart" on a golden yellow background.

Elevator control system flexibly expandable for adaptation to customer requirements

Rocket has deliberately specialized in an innovative product: an elevator controller that can be expanded and flexibly adapted to the customer's needs. CEO Mr. Florian Spitzer sees the fact that the model on display at the trade fair has very little basic wiring as a special feature, so that the price-performance ratio remains attractive despite the rise in costs on all sides. As far as possible, everything is already integrated in a Rocket control system. In addition, this system can be used to control all types of frequency inverters and all types of hydraulic units without an additional circuit board. The entire system works on a touch basis and goes directly to the Internet. This is why Mr. Spitzer sees Rocket as the spearhead of elevator control.

elevator control with low basic wiring next generation Rocket elevator control interlift 2023 Fair Augsburg
MesseTV interview Florian Spitzer CEO Rocket elevator technology interlift 2023 Augsburg
elevator control very flexible expandable Rocket elevator technology interlift

The "Rockets" are designed like a smartphone, which is better suited to the new generation of maintenance technicians than analog technology. The screen is therefore equipped with all kinds of apps for special functions. The company can access these and make settings.