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Hydroware is presenting a new IoT control system for elevators at interlift 2023. It can be operated intuitively via graphical interfaces using a display and app.

MesseTV Interview Volker Hager Managing Director Hydroware GmbH interlift 2023 Augsburg
IoT elevator control Hydroware interlift 2023

Hydroware, which specializes in hydraulic drives and control systems, has been active on the German market since 2013, from where it is expanding into the DACH region, including Austria, Italy and Switzerland.

Internet-enabled IoT control for elevators

At Interlift 2023, Managing Director Mr. Volker Hager will be presenting a new, fully internet-enabled IoT controller for elevators. This control system can be connected to a cell phone so that service can be carried out via it. The display is characterized by a graphical operation, corresponding graphical applications are known to the user from iPhone or Nokia, among others. Guidance through the menu is self-explanatory thanks to the graphics. The advantage of working via the cell phone is, of course, the independence of location when operating the controls. There is no need to be present in the machine room. Parameters can be set directly from the cab, for example, and the system can also be monitored remotely. Interventions can be made if necessary.

elevator control Hydroware interlift Fair Augsburg
elevator control intuitive control with display hydroware interlift 2023

This interface can also be shared via a web portal so that the customer or elevator company can immediately see the status of the system. Setting up the cell phone for control via the display is easy: Scan the QR code on the control unit display and connect to the elevator control unit's wifi, the location is automatically recorded. After logging in to the control unit, all parameters can be read and the full application for the control unit is set up with the login on the cell phone. Other system settings can now also be made on the move.

elevator control with display and app hydroware interlift 2023 Augsburg
fully internet enabled elevator control hydroware interlift 2023

This tool is a real support for assembly, it can be carried out more quickly and can better identify frequent sources of error by displaying the statistics, as well as viewing maintenance intervals and much more in advance.