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The software company Mainteny offers software for the elevator industry that covers all work processes.

Mainteny GmbH interlift 2023 Augsburg
software elevator industry Mainteny interlift 2023

Software solutions for small and medium-sized elevator companies

The Berlin-based software company Mainteny focuses on the elevator industry. Small and medium-sized elevator companies in particular benefit from the specially developed modern software, which can be used in the office and by technicians on site. The software covers all work processes from quotations to invoices, work slips to checklists and more. Mr. Tom Chenna emphasizes that any company can use this software for business processes. If data is to be transferred for real-time processes, this depends on the type of systems and sensors installed. Mainteny's software is compatible with many hardware providers and can be integrated into existing hardware.

Order entry, customer management and asset management

From the wealth of applications, Mr. Chenna demonstrates the office applications on his display at Lift 2023, such as an overview of the key figures or information on what the employees on site are currently working on. The menu on the left-hand side of the display lists the functions from order entry and customer management to asset management and all the necessary office activities. Each menu item goes into depth, for example, a map overview can be called up for the systems, and all system data is stored, from the year of construction to real-time data. In fact, the Mainteny software covers all work processes in the elevator industry.