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At Kübler, everything revolves around movement. The family-run company for measurement technology at interlift 2023.

MesseTV interview Yasin Bayrakli industry manager elevator technology Kuebler Group interlift 2023
measuring technology movements elevator sector Kuebler Group interlift 2023

Measure, record and transmit motion information

Fritz Kübler GmbH, a Swabian, family-run company for motion, position and inclination sensors, moves the lift industry worldwide at 4 production sites and 4 development sites. Whether measuring and detecting movements or transmitting movement information - this core competence of the company is being lived in the second generation. An annual turnover of 100 million underpins this success story.

shaft copying system with sensor Kuebler Group interlift Augsburg
shaft copying system evaluation unit Kuebler Group interlift Augsburg

Elevator shaft copying system: Evaluate speed and position data

Mr. Yasin Bayrakli, Sector Manager Elevator Technology Kübler Group, explains the shaft copying system exhibited here at Interlift 2023. It consists of a sensor that transmits the speed and position data to the controller and, together with the evaluation unit, performs safety-relevant functions such as OCM, upper limit switch, lower limit switch, and the safety limiter can also be eliminated. Using the display, Mr. Bayrakli demonstrates further benefits such as the protection of the fitters during assembly without scaffolding; this is the work step before the elevator with controller is put into operation. This built-in protection ensures that the platform does not move more than 5cm. Other tools include OCM delay control switches, overspeed protection and the option to switch the power supply on and off at preset times. The last option works entirely in the interests of sustainability. Public buildings where party traffic only takes place during the day can be made "greener" by saving electricity.