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AMPHITECH develops, produces and sells emergency call systems of all kinds. A new monitoring system and new gateways will be presented at interlift 2023.

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MesseTV Interview Ralf Kaib Amphitech interlift 2023 Augsburg

New monitoring system and new gateways

The company Amphitech, headquartered in Paris, is known for the development, production and distribution of all kinds of emergency call systems. The sales representative Mr. Ralf Kaib for Amphitech Deutschland GmbH will present a new monitoring system and new gateways at Interlift 2023. Elevator emergency call solutions, door telephony as well as emergency calls of various kinds are Amphitech's profession.

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The global and Secure Solution TA CAN

The gateways presented are a 4G GSM gateway and a pure IP gateway. Both products impress with their reliability and compatibility. They are relatively simple to set up, easy to configure and easy to put into operation. These advantages have enabled AMPHITECH to make a name for itself in the industry. Mr. Kaib explains how they work using a panel entitled "The global and secure solution TA CAN".

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It is divided into a gateway, either GSM via radio or a wired pure IP gateway. Both gateways have a Can Bus output that can be used to switch various devices. On the right-hand side of the panel there are ground floor intercom stations, fire department intercom stations, connections in various designs (including with magnetic field generation and for hearing-impaired people) for cabins, including those that can be installed under or on top of the cabin, and intercom stations for machine rooms. The status of the elevator car can be monitored at any time via a monitoring system.