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ZIEHL-ABEGG manufactures system components for elevators. Among other things, the powerful and compact ZAtop elevator motor will be exhibited at interlift 2023.

ZIEHL ABEGG system components elevators
MesseTV Interview Thomas Florian Ziehl Abegg interlift 2023

Gearless machine elevators: Payloads up to 5000kg

ZIEHL-ABBEG manufactures system components for elevators. At Interlift 2023, Mr. Thomas Florian will be showing an example of one of the largest gearless machines, the SM 315, ZAtop series, which is suitable for payloads of up to 5000kg with a suspension ratio of 2:1. Large traction sheaves up to 640mm and a travel speed of up to 2.5m/sec. characterize the machine. Measured by its performance, it impresses with its very compact design. With the option of removing the brakes, the overall width can be reduced to less than 900mm. This means that the powerful machine also fits through a door to the machine room and can be set up there without any problems.

powerful compact elevator motor ZAtop Ziehl Abegg interlift 2023
large drive pulley elevator motor ZAtop Ziehl Abegg interlift Augsburg

Mr Florian sees the future of the elevator industry in digitalization. Today, inverters can be easily operated via tablet or smartphone. Travel curves can be recorded and diagnostics created. This makes life easier for everyone involved with elevators and their maintenance.