Elevator with energy recovery - HYDROWARE

HYDROWARE, which focuses on hydraulic drives and control systems for elevators, will now also be showcasing control solutions for traction elevators at interlift 2023. Energy recovery ensures greater sustainability.

hydraulic drives and control systems for elevators Hydroware interlift 2023
rope elevator with innovative control system for modernization solutions Hydroware interlift Augsburg
sustainable elevator drives with energy backfeed hydroware interlift 2023 Augsburg

Sustainability is one of the most important issues of our time. HYDROWARE has been ensuring greater sustainability since 1998 with hydraulic drives and control systems for elevators through energy recovery. Also on the German market since 2013. At Interlift 2023, Mr. Volker Hager, Managing Director of Hydroware GmbH, will be presenting the latest development from Hydroware. It is a modernization solution for traction elevators, with which Hydroware is now also moving from hydraulic elevators into the field of traction elevators with a new innovative control system.

Rope elevators with new, innovative control system

As far as sustainability is concerned, Hydroware is actively working in the field of regenerative drives. This means that energy can be fed back into the system and places circler economy at the forefront. All solutions are therefore focused on modernization and not on replacing existing elevators. A screen set up at the trade fair provides a striking cherry-colored display of the energy consumed by the elevator. The green area next to it shows the energy that is fed back into the grid. The wattage returned to the grid and the ratio of energy absorbed from the grid to energy returned to the grid are also displayed.

MesseTV interview Volker Hager Hydroware GmbH interlift 2023 Fair Augsburg
eegenerative elevator drives with energy backfeed hydroware interlift 2023

Self-developed energy converter (inverter) for energy recovery

Using the example of a hydraulic drive, Mr. Hager shows an energy converter (inverter) developed by the company itself for feeding energy back into the grid. Here, too, the display shows the energy consumed during travel, the energy fed back into the grid (an astonishing 27%), the ratio between the two and the oil temperature. The latter is important for hydraulic elevators; modern drives prevent the temperature from rising and keep it constant. This prevents the drives from heating up.

Jungblut's motto in the field of modern control and drive systems is "One for all". Both drive systems can be equipped with the same control system and the same inverter. Hydroware is thus able to equip hydraulic elevators in 2023 in such an innovative and modern way that they meet today's requirements, some of which are specified by the federal government.