Interview Achim Hütter - VFA-INTERLIFT

At interlift 2023, we talk to Achim Hütter, Chairman of VFA-INTERLIFT E.V., about topics and developments at the interlift trade fair.

MesseTV Interview Achim Huetter VFA Interlift eV interlift 2023 Augsburg
VFA Interlift eV Chairman Achim Huetter interlift 2023 Fair Augsburg

Digitalization and new technologies in the elevator industry

At Interlift 2023, the Chairman of VFA-INTERLIFT E.V. Achim Hütter will talk about topics and developments at the Interlift trade fair. Mr. Hütter does not focus on any particular motto, he still sees digitalization and new technologies as topics, as there is still a lot to do in elevator construction in this area. Shortly before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, an Interlift was held in the fall of 2019. Due to the pandemic, the two-year cycle had to be interrupted. The last in-person trade fair before this year's took place in April 2022. Only around 60% of the usual visitor numbers were achieved. However, Interlift 2023 is rapidly approaching the good pre-corona figures again.

interlift 2023: Sustainability in connection with modernization

Mr Hütter cites the area of sustainability in connection with modernization as a personal highlight of Interlift 2023. Whereas in the past old elevators were completely removed and new ones installed, today the first consideration is which components can be retained. These are valuable materials such as steel and others that would have to be completely remanufactured in energy-consuming processes if they were replaced. IoT in elevators also contributes to this. It indicates when maintenance work is due. This means it can be carried out in good time and damage can be prevented. Unnecessary journeys can also be avoided in terms of sustainability with this forward-looking planning. The Interlift trade fairs in 2017, 2019 and 2023 occupied the entire area of the Augsburg exhibition grounds. As capacity has been reached here, Interlift will be held in Nuremberg from 2025, where there is still potential for development. Interlift needs space, especially as many international exhibitors and visitors from over 40 countries take part in Interlift. The post-corona development also shows that more participants from Asia, North and South America are getting involved in the trade fair again.