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At Lehner Lifttechnik, we talk about accessibility in the home. At interlift 2023, the company will be showing us a platform stairlift.

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Lift technology specialist for accessibility in the home

Lehner Lifttechnik from Upper Austria specializes in accessibility. The company has been manufacturing platform stairlifts, vertical stairlifts and seated stairlifts for private use for over 30 years. At Interlift 2023, Managing Director Christian Lehner will be presenting the prototype of a new platform stairlift for straight and curved installations. Lehner is the world's largest manufacturer of platform stairlifts. Now an upgrade with a fresh design and many technical improvements was due. The current version is outstanding when it comes to saving space. When the lift is folded up, there is much more free space on the stairs compared to before. Different platform sizes can be installed depending on the existing situation. The new lift offers more space for batteries, which not only enables faster and more frequent trips, but also trips up steeper stairs and around tighter bends.

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accessibility with platform stairlift Lehner lift technology interlift 2023

When the platform of the prototype shown is open, a wheelchair user can enter at the upper stop position and operate the display with the distinctive buttons inside. The platform has a so-called dead man's control, which means that the corresponding button must remain pressed by law during the entire journey. When the ride begins, the display shows the progress. If the lift encounters an obstacle, this is also displayed; the user is always informed and can rely on their platform stairlift with a sense of security.

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