Electric deadbolt for elevators - ALGI

ALGI has stood for hydraulic elevator components for more than 70 years. At interlift 2023, the company will be presenting an electric surface-mounted bolt.

MesseTV interview Harald Giehl managing director ALGI interlift 2023 Augsburg
electric suspension bolt spring load preventing elevator cabs at heavy loads ALGI interlift Augsburg

The long-established company ALGI has been manufacturing hydraulic elevator components for over 70 years. Managing Director Harald Giehl will be presenting an electric top bar at Interlift 2023. ALGI Alfred Giehl GmbH&Co. KG is thus expanding its portfolio, which previously ranged from the manufacture of drives to steel construction and the production of cabins.

Prevent the elevator from bouncing even with heavy loads

Mr. Giehl demonstrates the function of the new electric top bolt using a partially assembled hydraulic heavy-duty elevator, showing a car floor and a profile under which the electric locking mechanism is located. When the elevator is close to the landing, the bolt opens and the power unit hydraulically places the bolt on the latch, thus preventing the elevator car from springing in when loading heavy loads. When the elevator starts moving, the car lifts up, the bolt retracts and the journey begins as usual.

simulation electric suspension bolt for lifts ALGI interlift 2023 Augsburg
electric suspension bolt for lifts ALGI interlift 2023

ALGI has positioned itself as a manufacturer of drives and will be exhibiting cylinders and power units at Interlift. It also offers complete steel and cabin construction for heavy goods elevators. As customers prefer to have as much as possible from a single source, the electric locking system is often included in tenders. ALGI is completing its "hydraulic elevator" package with the electric top latch presented at Interlift 2023.