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The family-owned company Variotech specializes in elevator technology. The company will be showcasing innovative solutions for safety technology at interlift 2023.

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MesseTV interview Georg Spitzer managing director Variotech GmbH interlift 2023 Augsburg

The Austrian family business Variotech originates from near the provincial capital of Vienna. Its development into a classic family business began in 1990, when father and eldest son founded the company. Sister and another brother joined in the following years, while the founding father is now enjoying his well-earned retirement.

Innovative solutions for elevator safety technology

Variotech specializes in elevator technology and offers innovative solutions for safety technology. It serves all levels of safety technology. The constant efforts of the company owners and their employees are focused on improving the safety, quality and reliability of the elevators.

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Safety in the elevator: simulation of a blackout

In recent years, the scenario of a blackout has been repeatedly discussed in the media and in public. Mr. Georg Spitzer shows the simulation of such a blackout on the monitoring device of the safety chain. In the event of a power failure, it opens the brake by means of a stutter circuit and thus reduces the speed. A sensor detects the possibility of stopping the elevator at a door, for example, in order to release the people inside. Once this has been done, the elevator goes out of service. New installations have this application integrated as standard. Variotech offers an innovative device for emergency release as a new feature for retrofitting to existing installations, which is not yet available on the market in this form.