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Thoma Aufzüge is actually a manufacturer of special systems, but will be presenting standardized systems at interlift 2023.

Thoma elevators elevator construction interlift 2023 Augsburg
elevator system Thoma Elevators interlift 2023

50 years in elevator construction

The family business Thoma from Frankfurt/Main has been working in elevator construction for over 50 years. The special systems manufacturer will be presenting standardized systems at Interlift 2023. The shaft frames are made of aluminum and can be supplied as glass frames in 3 different sizes: Q1,2, Q1,5 and Q1,7. The Q stands for square, the number in meters behind it for the outer dimensions in each square.

elevator system with flat shaft pit Thoma Aufzuege interlift Augsburg
elevator system with belt drive Thoma Aufzuege interlift

Access to the elevator from any side

The Managing Director of Thoma Aufzüge GmbH, Mr. Jan Thoma, describes the special feature of the system as a belt drive that is positioned in the corner. This allows access from any side, but from a maximum of two points. The shaft pit, which is quite shallow at 40 cm, is also a rarity among elevators. The technology is highly integrated. When the lift goes up, the plastic belt reinforced on the inside with steel cables becomes visible. The aluminum scaffolding is also a highlight. Rustproof and durable, it is particularly suitable for outdoor use.

elevator system standardized with aluminium shaft frame Thoma Elevators interlift Augsburg
MesseTV interview Jan Thoma managing director Thoma Aufzuege GmbH interlift 2023 Augsburg