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MEILLER produces system components for elevators. The topic of elevator doors will play a central role at interlift 2023.

elevator doors sliding doors with digital door leaf Meiller interlift Augsburg
MesseTV interview Florian Runck Meiller lift doors interlift 2023 Fair Augsburg

The Meiller company has a good reputation as a manufacturer of system components for elevators. It emerged in the 1960s from the Ratgeber company in Munich, where the administration is still based and the sliding doors are still produced today. As a manufacturer of elevator components, Meiller specializes in drives and door systems of the highest quality.

Manufacturer of system components for elevators

Mr. Florian Runck, Product Manager Meiller Aufzugtüren GmbH, will be presenting a so-called digital door leaf at Interlift 2023. This is a sliding door installed in the shaft with two integrated displays that can be used with an entertainment or information system. On the exhibition model, an advertising video from a hotel operator is shown on one of the large displays, while the second display automatically shows information about the hotel's offers. In this way, the elevator user spends their waiting time in an entertaining way and is already in the mood for the hotel experience.

elevator components sliding doors elevators Meiller interlift 2023
Meiller elevator doors interlift 2023 Augsburg

Elevator doors: Displays with changing images

The Wysescreen content management system fills the displays with life practically automatically, the content can be easily compiled so that the displays attract the user's attention with changing images. It goes without saying that sustainability is also important to Meiller. This is why the company's policy is to modernize and retrofit door systems instead of constantly replacing existing elevators. This means that additional resources do not always have to be generated to bring elevators up to the latest technical standards.