Steiff: 140th anniversary

140 years of Steiff - that's quite a house number. It all began 140 years ago with a little elephant - the Elefantle. Messe.TV talks to Simone Pürckhauer about it. Steiff is celebrating a big anniversary this year - 140 years of Steiff. The company was founded in 1848 by Margarete Steiff.

Interview Simone Puerckhauer Jubilee Steiff Spielwarenmesse 2020
Steiff Teddy with Elephantle limited edition 140 years Steiff

From the Elefäntle to 140 years of Steiff

It all started with a small elephant, affectionately known at Steiff as Elefäntle. The original from back then can still be seen today in the Steiff Museum. Many people associate Steiff with the somewhat sturdy Steiff teddy bear. There is also a special edition to mark the anniversary. Including a teddy bear for collectors and, of course, the Elefäntle!

Teddy with elephant Steiff collectibles
Steiff traditional craft production stuffed animal Elefantle

Replica glass workshop at the exhibition stand

At the trade fair stand, a replica of the original still stands in Giengen, showing how a Steiff animal, whether elephant or teddy bear, is still made by hand. At the toy fair, an employee sews elephants out of felt, the same material that was used back then. You can really see the handwork, the tradition at Steiff. The focus at Steiff this year is entirely on history, because it was of course a milestone and the aim is of course to show what came out of it.

140 years Steiff stuffed animals for collectors children and lovers
Steiff high quality stuffed animals handmade
Steiff interview booth Simone Puerckhauer glassworkshop Giengen replica
Steiff appearance at the Spielwarenmesse 2020 Nuremberg