LGB: cogwheel locomotive Furka mountain line

At LGB we see a locomotive that looks historic, but somehow also a little weird. It is a cogwheel locomotive from Switzerland - the Furka mountain line, which has a very eventful history behind it.

Furka mountain line: locomotive with a history

The locomotives were delivered to France almost 100 years ago for the former colony of Indochina (now Vietnam) and were in use there for a long time. They were partially damaged during the war and were brought back to Switzerland in the early 1990s. The locomotive has now been refurbished and has been back in service on a museum railroad in Switzerland for a good year.

LGB Prototype Cogwheel Locomotive Furka Mountain Track
Model LGB Furka Bergstrecke functional pattern locomotive brass plastic

First functional model of the Furka mountain line

The model of the Furka mountain line looks somewhat unusual. Completely in white. This is the first functional sample of the model locomotive. It is used to check whether the gearbox works properly and whether all mechanical conditions are met. You can simulate a lot these days. A sample was then milled from brass and everything that is white comes from the 3D printer. The functional sample is therefore a prototype for the LGB locomotive.

Locomotive Switzerland Furka Mountain Track Model LGB Maerklin
Die cast components LGB locomotive Furka Mountain route
Components LGB Maerklin die cast
First model LGB Furka Mountain Track Locomotive Maerklin
Railroad details LGB Maerklin
Drivers cab Model construction Locomotive Furka Mountain line
Model train detail shot LGB Maerklin

Model making: Molds for die casting

In the next step, the molds are created so that the die-cast parts can be produced. The parts are then surface-treated until they are painted, assembled and then the locomotive is finished.

Interview Andreas Schumann Maerklin LGB Spielwarenmesse 2020
Maerklin LGB Furka Mountain Track completely from metal

First model of the Furka mountain line

You can already see the first model of the Furka mountain line. However, the electronics are not yet finished, so the locomotive cannot yet be set in motion. But you can already see the beautiful appearance and which parts are all movable.

LGB Maerklin Spielwarenmesse 2020 Nuremberg
Models LGB Maerklin Spielwarenmesse 2020

Model locomotive made entirely of metal

The complete model locomotive is made of metal. The only exceptions are the window panes made of transparent plastic and some insulating parts. A lot of work has gone into it, which is why model building enthusiasts have to invest a price of 3,600 euros to be able to call it their own. However, this does not seem to deter collectors and enthusiasts, as many have already been sold and the "sold out" sign will probably soon be hanging on the display case.

Model Railway Figure Scenery Photographer LGB
Details LGB Model train locomotive Furka Mountain Track