Revell: Peppa Pig RC car

The mini RC cars are parked in their remote control and are also charged there. The garage is therefore equipped with a charging station. The special model is the "golden Mario" and Carrera recommends it for ages 3-93. A remote-controlled car made of plush? Yes. The remote-controlled car in Peppa Pig design is both an RC car and a cuddly toy. Revell was nominated for the ToyAward with this toy and won a top 10 toy prize. You can drive and cuddle with the RC car.

RC car with Peppa Pig cuddly toy

The Peppa Pig cuddly toys can be placed in the car with Velcro and fleece and removed. Good to know: If the Peppa Pig cuddly toys get dirty, they can be washed.

Revell Peppa Pig RC Car
RC car made of plush with Peppa Pig cuddly toy

Idea for a remote-controlled plush car

A great thing - but how do you actually come up with the idea of making a remote-controlled car out of plush? The starting point was the following problem: The child drives the RC car in front of the furniture and causes dents or scratches. Of course you can put protective stickers on all the furniture - but Revell thought that the invention of a remote-controlled plush car would be a better alternative. As Peppa Pig is already very successful on television, it was obvious to choose this license. The target group is children aged 2-5 and every second child knows Peppa Pig.

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Peppa Pig remote controlled car made of plush
Peppa Pig Carrera racetrack children
Revell remote controlled RC car made of plush with Peppa Pig cuddly animal