Schleich: Wildlife with Tom & Ted

This year at Schleich, Tom & Ted are going on a journey around the world. The wildlife game world starts in Africa and is gradually expanded with the adventures of the two. Messe.TV is shown this by Victoria Sutch. Schleich is heading into the wilderness this year. In January, the new Wildlife product line will take you on a journey around the world.

Schleich Wildlife Figures Vehicles Helicopter
Schleich Wildlife Playworld Unimog

Schleich: Wildlife journey around the world

With the two new characters Tom and Ted, Schlich starts an exciting journey around the world. Whether by helicopter or with the new big rescue animal truck, the two of them will experience great adventures. The journey begins in January and ends in a few years when all the continents have been traveled and adventures experienced.

Schleich Wildlife Animal Rescue Vehicle Tom Ted
Schleich Wildlife Playworld

New: Schleich dromedaries

Schleich's dromedaries are completely new to the range, having been reissued and re-modeled and are now even more authentically designed. Once again, the feeling is confirmed: everything that has its back to the sun is also available as a Schleich figure. At least 85% of all wild animals are currently covered by Schleich toy figures. The journey starts in Africa in January and we have not yet been told where it will continue.

Schleich African animal world and landscape play figures
Schleich Wildlife Animal Figures Dromedaries
Schleich Figures Wildlife Africa
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