Goki: Knight castle ball track

The knight's castle marble run from Goki won the Toyaward at the Spielwarenmesse 2020. Why did it win? We talk to Thorsten Koss from Gollnest & Kiesel about it and let him show us the modular marble run.

ToyAward for Goki knight's castle marble run

After three years of development, Goki is delighted to have received the ToyAward for the Ritterburg marble run. There really are a lot of marble runs. The special thing about the Goki marble run is that it is modular. You can build different tracks, you can build them around corners, you can build them long and you can also build them at different angles.

Goki Kitterburg Ball Track ToyAward Winner
Goki Knight Castle Ball Track many building possibilities increases fantasy

Modular components for ball track

The knight's castle marble run from Goki comes in 79 individual parts and can be assembled in many different ways thanks to its modular structure. It not only encourages children to roll, but also develops their motor skills and imagination. This is also something that the ToyAward jury commented on very positively.

Goki magnetic building blocks 79 modular components
Goki Knight Castle Ball Track

Target group of the knight's castle marble run

The target group for the Goki Ritterburg marble run is 3-6 years old. This is also when children start building - but often not in the way the building instructions envisage. But that's perfectly all right. After all, children are supposed to learn by playing. That's what this knight's castle allows. I can build the train the way I want, the way I want and then find out whether it works or not. That's a good learning process that goes on.

Goki knight castle Spielwarenmesse 2020 Nuremberg
Thorsten Koss Gollnest Kiesel Spielwarenmesse 2020