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Experience products up close using augmented reality or virtual reality - this is possible with the new app from DUO Schreib & Spiel. Messe.TV presenter Klas Bömecke tests how it works and whether it's fun! Duo offers an augmented reality app that was used for the first time in the Christmas catalog. In the catalog there are marked products that can then be played with the app. You can then see the products in three dimensions.

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How does the Duo Augmented Reality app work?

First you download the app. Then you point the camera on your smartphone at the marked item and the item appears three-dimensionally on the display. You can then rotate the catalog and see the item 360 degrees from all sides.

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Next level: virtual reality

The next step that Duo has taken is virtual reality. Here you put on VR glasses and have a virtual Duo flyer. You can immerse yourself in a Duo world and take a virtual look at the products. The highlight in the Duo Schreib & Spiel stores is a game with two laser swords. It looks a bit like dancing. Not only is it fun, but there's also a small prize in the store if you've played well.

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