Tipp-Kick: table soccer

Tipp-Kick at the Spielwarenmesse. What's new? Nothing. Excuse me? Yes, actually. The table soccer classic is still very popular and no changes are necessary. On the contrary - fans rely on the tried and tested.

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Tipp-Kick without novelties - why?

The game Tipp-Kick stands for almost 100 years of table soccer fun. The trade fair appearance at the Spielwarenmesse is less about innovations and more about simply showing presence. The figures have hardly changed visually. But there have been changes. While the first table football figures were made of lead, since the 1950s they have been made of die-cast zinc. There are good reasons why there have been no or hardly any changes. Because the fan community wants the tried and tested. The game principle of Tipp-Kick with the black and white ball that shows who gets to play is so much fun that people don't want to change anything.

Tipp Kick game
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How old is the Tipp-Kick fan community?

But who is the fan community today? After all, kids are increasingly using digital media. So is the fan base more likely to be 40, 50 or 60 years old? Yes and no. Basically yes, but of course parents play with their children. And many of them enjoy it and play the game with friends. During the World Cup, there was a campaign where Tipp-Kick figures were given away by a shopping chain - after that there was a real boom in the classic game. Many mothers were delighted to contact the company because the children were able to put down their tablets or smartphones. It is a tactile and very communicative game. So the company will probably stick to its successful principle for the future: small additions: Yes. Real changes: No.

Tipp Kick Fair Appearance Spielwarenmesse 2020 Nurnberg
Tipp Kick table soccer classic