Toy trends 2020 at the International Toy Fair Nuremberg

We have captured some of the real highlights of the Spielwarenmesse 2020 at the Nuremberg trade fair for you. These include the 140th anniversary of Steiff, the new wildlife play world from Schleich with a range of authentic animal and play figures and 123 Aqua from Playmobil, which won the ToyAward at the Spielwarenmesse. Our videos will give you an exciting insight into the play world of tomorrow!

Spielwarenmesse 2020 Nuremberg - General overview Topics

Spielwarenmesse Nürnberg is the world's largest trade fair for the toy industry in Germany and around the world. Toy manufacturers from 70 countries flock to Nuremberg to present new play ideas over 5 days at the beginning of the year. The organizers have identified three trend themes for 2020.

Toys for Future - sustainable toys

With the Toys for Future trend, toy manufacturers are addressing precisely the population group that has successfully drawn public attention to the issue of climate protection with its commitment: Children. With new play products, suppliers want to make the topics of environmental protection and sustainability tangible through play. This starts with the toys themselves. Materials such as corn starch or recycled plastic bottles are the starting point for more sustainability in the children's room. Many of the new products on show are suitable for children from the age of three, such as the biodegradable rattles made from natural materials. The pull-along car, which is a constant companion for many children, also has a new look. With the recycling truck, children learn from an early age why waste is not just waste and that wonderful new things can be created from it. For example, with the Clip-it clips from French manufacturer Waste Is More SAS. These practical helpers close milk or juice bottles until they reach children's hands. They use them to build fantastic figures and construct their own world.

Permeability of game worlds: Digital goes physical

The world of electronic games is currently experiencing numerous innovations. E-sports is now a recognized sport and the best of the best are generating considerable income. The future champion starts practising early in the nursery. Parents are critical of children's consumption of electronic media. Scientists also warn against excessive media use. Manufacturers are now taking this advice on board and launching cyber heroes such as Pokémon as offline games. Pikachu & Co. are moving into children's rooms as cuddly figures and hologram cards to collect. The youngest among the youngest know and love Baby Shark and his family. Now the YouTube phenomenon is available as a puzzle. Children aged 2 and over train their mental and manual skills by searching for the right shape for the selected section. When a match is made, the ever-popular Baby Shark song plays and all the children sing along! For fans of the PC game Fortnite, there are now more real-life play options with characters and accessories. Does your child spend too many hours in front of the PC? Then the characters and vehicles in the play sets from Epic Games/Moose are just the thing to switch off.

Play for life: Be You! And: Who else plays?

With this trend theme, the trade fair picks up on the carefree nature of children, who do not yet know the difference between black and white, young and old. Play helps people to grow up, just as people with special needs, patients with dementia or disabilities benefit from play. The Trend Gallery at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2020 shows how we experience diversity and train skills through play. In addition to children of pre-school and primary school age, other groups of the population also play and there is something for them every year in Nuremberg. Model railroads and model builders can be found in Hall 7a in 2020. Even more space will be taken up by technical toys, which will fill Halls 4, 5 and 6. Electronic toys can be found right next door. In the Tech2Play action area, suppliers will be presenting their products and inviting visitors to try them out. In addition to educational toys, the organizers expect exhibitors in the fields of robotics, RC toys and virtual play. Of course, the world of Teddy Bears & Co. will not be missing at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. Cuddly toys and dolls will gather in Hall 1.

Active and playful is the trend

Indoor activities are fun. But if you believe the science, there are also risks involved. Fresh air, space-consuming steps or a sweeping view are all part of a health-conscious life. So what could be more natural than taking your leisure activities outside? Cycling or water sports are suitable even for the youngest children and keep them active into old age. Whether it's always a game or training is irrelevant. What counts is the fun. In Nuremberg, manufacturers present their toys for the summer and winter seasons.

Spielwarenmesse Facts & Figures

The Nuremberg Toy Fair has been taking place since 1949. With currently 18 exhibition halls, 2,900 exhibitors from 70 countries and around 67,000 visitors, the Nuremberg Toy Fair is one of the most important events of the year for manufacturers and trade visitors alike. The fair takes place every year. 2020 from January 29 to February 2. Lectures, events and activities accompany the exhibition.